New Releases

  • How I began writing Beyond
    So I get a lot of people asking me about both my writing process and the beginnings of it. As my last published novel, I thought I’d go over how I started writing Beyond. A lot of people get the idea that the beginning of a book is magnificent. An amazing experience when all you’ve planned for years comes together. And although it is true that it is an incredible feeling, the case in practice is much different. If any of you have started or attempted to start a novel you know what I’m talking about when I say that you’re filled with fear, uncertainty and insecurity. In my case these feelings come every time I start a new story, almost as if I were afraid not to live up to how it’s played out in my head. However, if you succumb to these worries and insecurities, you’re never going to get started, or are going to give up very early. So, how to go about it? My suggestion is to just let go. When I began writing Beyond, I still had many things to figure out, some characters and places were not clear in my mind, I had to change the outline… But I realized that if I kept lingering in those things, I’d never get started. So what I did was I decided to make a go for it and worry about those things later. Because yes, you people, you are going to have to change those things later. Some of them more than once. Look at that picture: that’s me with my first draft. Notice any difference with the final product? The title, for instance? What I’m trying to say is that rewrites and edits are there for a reason. Be aware of that and feel free to give it your all in the first draft. Remember, the only way to get that story out of your head is to actually write it!
  • Update: I finished a new book!
    The other day over on instagram I made the thrilling announcement that I’ve finally finished my new book! It’s a YA romance novel. This project actually started out as a way to unwind from the Black Tears saga when things got a bit too overwhelming. It just helped me get my mind off everything because it was so different. Imagine alines, war, love and intensity in one hand and then teenage romance, laughter and crime adventures on the other. So I actually finished my first draft back this summer, but it was only once I published Beyond that I decided to make it official. Finishing a book feels different every time, at least for me, but it always feels strange overall. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. You’re happy because you’re done, you made it to the finish line, but then you’re also sad because it’s over. In my case I always feel kind of hollow. Empty inside once the story that has crammed my thoughts for so long is over. Of course then there is a lot of editing and revising to do, which means this isn’t far from over. I’ll probably know the thing by memory by the time it gets published! My new book, SLAIWY (I won’t reveal anything but that about the title for the time being) is starred by two of the most entertaining characters to write I’ve ever encountered: Sydney and Richard. They’re polar opposite. Where Sydney is quiet and guarded, Richard is loud and honest to the point of pain. Watching them interact was so much fun, especially since they didn’t like each other at all at first! SLAIWY is currently under submission to some publishing houses as well as agents, I’ll keep you updated on the news!
  • Black Tears 1: Why I chose to enroll my book in KDP Select
    Hello everybody! Today I’m thrilled to announce that Beyond (Black Tears 1) is available on Kindle Unlimited! Okay so, for my fellow authors reading my posts, I’m going to explain how I arrived at this decision, which wasn’t easy, and the reasons why I chose to enroll the first volume of the Black Tears saga on KDP Select–and thus make it available on Kindle Unlimited. For those of you who don’t know, when you publish an ebook, amazon gives you the option to enroll it on KDP Select, which has a number of benefits, but a numbers of perks too. First and foremost, if you enroll your book in KDP, it cannot be available on any other online store, which means you’re pretty much restricted to only sell it on amazon (in a digital format) for the period of the enrollment. (I had to cancel my ebook on Ingramspark before enrolling it). A quick clarifier: KDP Select works with cycles. Your title must be sold exclusively through amazon for as long as this cycle lasts (90 days), and once your time is up, you can decide whether you want to keep on with the arrangement or simply not renew it. During the enrollment period, aside from having your book available on Kindle Unlimited and getting paid per number of pages read even if you book is free for KDP Select readers, you can also run one out of two promotions: a price countdown and a 7-day-free promotion. These two are really helpful marketing tools, which, when used wisely, can really improve the visibility of your book, and in turn your sales. After much research and a lot of initial refusal, I decided to enroll the first book of my series Black Tears because I believe it is a nice opportunity for a debut science fiction author such as myself and because I think it’ll help readers discover the first part of my story. I’ve also lowered the price to only 4.99$, so be sure to check it out here! If you guys have a Kindle unlimited subscription, don’t miss this opportunity and go sneak a peek at Beyond! Also, don’t miss the chance to check out Beyond’s book tour!
  • Beyond book tour
    I’m super happy to announce you all that the tour of my book Beyond (Black Tears 1) will begin on September 26th! If you have a blog or any social media platform and would like to get a chance to win awesome prizes, be sure to check out Beyond book tour. All you have to do is is sign up, and just by doing a single post, you’ll enter the monthly host giveaway! Silver Dagger will provide you with a DIY media packet to make sure it’s as easy as it can be. We have prepared a few excerpts as well as some interview fragments, so be sure to join because it will be great fun! In these posts I talk about how I came up with the idea for Beyond, my writing process, and a little bit about myself. You can choose to host your post any time, even during the weekends. You guys, I’m super excited to share this with all of you! If you are not sure whether this is the right option for you (though I can assure you that we’ll have loads of fun), you can check out the trailer for Beyond here. Tour is starting in just a few days, don’t miss it! And just in case you are still not sure, I’ll leave you a little excerpt here so that you can make up your mind 😉 “Stella, look at me–““I killed it,” she said softly, still not looking into his eyes. “You had no choice,” he said. Stella remained looking down. “Yes I did.” “What? Letting him kill you? That was just not an option,” he said firmly. “It hadn’t done anything to me.”“It had killed two innocent girls before you ended it.”“You’ve ruined my life,” Stella said, finally looking into his eyes. Dale was shocked to see the expression on her face, it was contorted, in a way he had only seen in the faces of soldiers returning from the battlefields. “How am I supposed to live with myself after this? You should never have had me take that fucking text…”“We had to make sure you were–““That I was what? What am I? What are you going to do to me now?” she asked, raising her voice and locking her bloodshot eyes on his. Her hands were gripping the arms of the chair so tightly that her knuckles had turned even whiter than before. Dale said nothing. Stella breathed deeply. “I didn’t do it on purpose,” she said in a low voice. “I can’t remember how… What’s happening, Dale?”The doctor continued staring at her without saying a word. “I need to know. Please.”There was a long silence. “You did well by killing it,” he said. “You shouldn’t feel guilty.”“And why is that?”“Because it’s the enemy, it is what we are fighting against.”“That kid… it was one of them?” she asked.
  • Best underrated Sci Fi books
    Hello everybody, yesterday I began reading another book which will probably be an addition to my already long list of best underrated Sci Fi books. The Host, by Stephanie Meyer. The story follows Wanderer, an alien soul that is inserted into a human body. But the girl who used to inhabit the body, Melanie, refuses to fade away, and so they fight for control. The story is told in the first person, in the past when it narrates Wanderer’s storyline and in the present when it narrates Melanie’s memories. I think the concept of this book is interesting to say the least. I always love it when a story is told from the “baddie’s” perspective. The writing style is engaging and absolutely magnificent. I’m so hooked with this novel and I cannot wait to see what’s in store! I believe that this novel, like many other best underrated Sci Fi books, has not received the praise it deserves. I just came across with it by accident, and was shocked to see it was written by the author of Twilight. I don’t understand why this novel hasn’t gotten as much attention as the paranormal series, since, so far as I’ve read, it’s a work of art. Sadly this is the case many science fiction authors face, as, for some reason, their novels sometimes tend to be underrated. However, I’ve made a firm purpose to give this books the attention they deserve here on my blog and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress with this one! Expect a review coming out soon 😉 Finally, just a quick reminder that my book, Beyond Black Tears 1, is available on amazon in kindle, paperback and hardback version. Be sure to check it out! Also, if you want to stay on top of things when it comes to the release, be sure to pay a visit to both my YouTube channel and my Instagram.