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Update: I finished a new book!

The other day over on instagram I made the thrilling announcement that I’ve finally finished my new book! It’s a YA romance novel.

This project actually started out as a way to unwind from the Black Tears saga when things got a bit too overwhelming. It just helped me get my mind off everything because it was so different. Imagine alines, war, love and intensity in one hand and then teenage romance, laughter and crime adventures on the other.

So I actually finished my first draft back this summer, but it was only once I published Beyond that I decided to make it official.

Finishing a book feels different every time, at least for me, but it always feels strange overall. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. You’re happy because you’re done, you made it to the finish line, but then you’re also sad because it’s over. In my case I always feel kind of hollow. Empty inside once the story that has crammed my thoughts for so long is over. Of course then there is a lot of editing and revising to do, which means this isn’t far from over. I’ll probably know the thing by memory by the time it gets published!

My new book, SLAIWY (I won’t reveal anything but that about the title for the time being) is starred by two of the most entertaining characters to write I’ve ever encountered: Sydney and Richard.

They’re polar opposite. Where Sydney is quiet and guarded, Richard is loud and honest to the point of pain. Watching them interact was so much fun, especially since they didn’t like each other at all at first!

SLAIWY is currently under submission to some publishing houses as well as agents, I’ll keep you updated on the news!

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